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Welcome to The Learning Tree.


We are a play-based childcare experience where each child is encouraged to express their individualism and connect with the community through purposeful play. Here, your child is supported to explore the limits of their imagination and 'grow wonder' in a fun, innovative, creative, and safe environment. 

At TLT we follow each child's lead in play, recognizing them as engaged and inquisitive learners. Supported by our awesome team of dedicated Early Childhood Educators, your children and their peers set out each day to explore our indoor and outdoor classrooms, share their interests and ideas, take risks, ask questions and PLAY. 

Our team passionately supports inclusive practise, equality, and the social and emotional growth of your child in their early years; providing endless opportunity for children to learn from one another, by connecting their own lived experiences with their classroom community.

We encourage the development of a strong sense of security in one's belonging and self.
we are a multi-age classroom community built on kindness, inclusion, character, caring, and respect.


preschool. childcare. outofschool care.  

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