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is subsidy available at tlt?

The Alberta Family and Social Support child Care Subsidy is available to parents who need assistance to help cover the fees for child care. Forms for the subsidy are available at All of our programs are approved for families to participate in provincially based subsidy programs.

Please note that subsidy approval is a parent/guardian responsibility and is to be applied for prior to commencing at the Program. Subsidy approval must be provided to the Program upon your child’s enrollment. Parents are required to pay any fees not covered by the Governments Subsidy Program on the 1st of the month. If the request for subsidy is denied, parents/guardians are responsible for paying the full cost of childcare fees prior to going forward. Parents/guardians are responsible for renewing their subsidy within 30 days of receiving their notice from the Government and providing this information to the Program. Failure to do so will result in responsibility of paying all childcare fees not covered while subsidy is expired.

hours of operation

We are closed on Stat holidays. Included in regular monthly tuition are PD days/non-instructional days/half days, teacher's convention and and now include spring break and winter break for full time registration (this is not included for part-time monthly tuition), a drop-in fee is required for part-time families who require care during spring and winter break. Summer care is based on a weekly enrolment and fee.

Illness/vacation absence

Vacations/Illness: Full monthly fees are required irrespective of days missed for vacations, illness or statutory holidays. The monthly fee covers both actual care and the guaranteed space. Credit will not be given for any missed days.

winter and spring break 

Winter/Spring break fees are included for Fulltime Childcare and Out of School Care registrations. All part time families will be subject to a daily drop-in rate should they require additional care over the closure

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