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School-Age Programming for children ages 5-12 (Grades 1–6).


Programming is run by trusted educators who are focused on each child’s unique developmental needs through a  combination of fun and educational programming. 

Before and After School Care

Social settings for your children, with academic support.

Spaces exist for children to play with others, seek out quiet time after a busy day, or creatively express themselves through arts, drama, or imaginative play. Homework help and academic support are available. Within the classroom, interactive books, games and planned activities play a key role in enhancing cognitive development and mental acuteness.


Drop-off is open anytime after the centre opens and before 7:45 AM and pick-up is open anytime after your child arrives back at the  4:00 PM and until the centre closes. Centre hours vary slightly so check your location for exact times.




                   EMJ    // 8:00 am  drop-off   10:45 am pickup

     ST. STEPHENS*  // 8:15 am  drop-off   11:10 am pickup

                FFCA    //  8:25  am  drop-off   11:15 am pickup 

                               12:15  pm                 3:10 pm

                                *must have 3 children registered to add as pickup location

5 DAY $631.50*

3 DAY $496.00

*Includes all PD, non- instructional days, winter break, and spring break. 

Prices listed are after Alberta Universal Childcare funding. Further subsidy is available based on your household income.


                EMJ   // 8:00am drop     2:30pm pickup

     ST. STEPHENS* // 8:15am drop      2:43pm pickup

                 FFCA* // 8:25am drop      3:10pm pickup

                                 *must have 3 children registered to add as pickup location


5 DAY  $550

4 DAY  $450

3 DAY  $350

2 DAY  $250

1 DAY  $150

Further subsidy may be available based on your household income.

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