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Our Teachers

Our TeaM

Your children are in the care of kind, empathetic, gentle, and safe adults. Each of us brings our own strengths and passions; creating a diverse team of educators teaching and caring for your child.

We have built trusted relationships with each other and strive to communicate and collaborate for the collective good of all.

We are all professionally certificated and trained to identify your child's unique interests and skills and build appropriate invitations to learn about the world accordingly; through experimentation, art, imaginary play, music, literature, movement and more. Gently guiding, asking questions and encouraging the pursuit of their ideas, our team works in ways that sparks a child's curiosity and wonder in the every-day.


                                   Meghan Collyer                     Jocelyn Shea                               

  Owner and Director                Assistant Director 


                                                                Daycare Team    &      OSC Team


 Jenn K.                                  Lindsay B. 

                                                                Grace K.                               Janine S.

                                                                Cadie L.                                Bonny B.

                                                                Andrea P.                              Aislinn W  

                                                                Lisa S.







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